King Button Maker CSS3

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This item lets you creates the CSS3 Button with Full Transition Animation.
You’ll be able to make all states of a button, either Hover or Active.

If you like my work feel free to rate it King Button Maker CSS3 - 1King Button Maker CSS3 - 2King Button Maker CSS3 - 3King Button Maker CSS3 - 4King Button Maker CSS3 - 5, but if you wish to give me lower rate , please contact me first to solve the issues.

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  • Easily to add Icon Character Icon
  • Animation with CSS3 Transition
  • Inner and out of doors Shadow to be had to customize
  • Gradient Color
  • realtime preview of Button
  • Rounded-Corner(only for browser that give a boost to webkit)
  • Document included

Compatible Browsers

  • Safari
  • Chrome – all versions
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Please try it, when you adore it then buy it  :D so I will be able to pay my college tuition.

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