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A very simple playing game about the Alphabet. There will randomly appear the letter. You will have to select what the appropriate after Alphabet is. It’s so easy to play this game, isn’t it?

The game has 3 modes for all more or less players:

Kids mode: this mode is designed for the children who is accquainted to the Alphabet. The time isn’t limitted. And the funny melodies are included.

Classic mode: the mode for appellative players. You will have 1 second for every question and be aware of the change of the color.

2 Player mode: you and your partner will have a couple play. You will have 10 seconds for a similar question in every session. There would be an improbable chasing!

Let’s start your game now! Relaxing the idle time with this amazing game.

Application Feature

  1. Flat UI
  2. 3 Modes for Play
  3. Each Mode have Different Function
  4. Custom Sound
  5. Random Change Background
  6. Randomly Generated Alphabet
  7. Easy Customization
  8. Ad MOb:Banner & Interstitial ad
  9. Score Share

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