WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder

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WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder Plugin allows Admin and seller to send mail when new product is added or update exisitng one. That is best plugin for promoting your product by the use of mail.

This plugin Have many option to send mail like sent to users, customers and one extra functionality is importing mail list by the use of CSV, email templates settings and so forth.

Note : If you wish to change email template, then go to this plugin directory > includes > templates > emailtemplate > htmlemail.php. You’ll change your new template here.


  • Send product production email to sellers, customer or import list.
  • Fully Dynamic Mailing Functionality.
  • Set you own template for email.
  • Send promotion mail when create or update any product.
  • Send mail for your selected list only.
  • Send mail for your users.
  • Send mail for your customer.
  • Send mail for your importing list.
  • User Friendly.

Future Functionality

  • Send notification by the use of whatsapp.
  • Send notification for page, post, custom post type and so forth..

Need lend a hand? or more infornation about product than Please be sure you read the Document. For read Document Click Here. You’ll also email us on support@indicaneinfotech.com for any pre-sale inquiry only.

Change Log:

<strong>Version 1.2.0 (2015-04-24)</strong>

* [+] Cast off old function of wordpress
* [+] Add new function as WordPress is up to date
* [+] Add some function for security purpose

Additional information


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