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Ali2Woo – AliExpress dropshipping plugin

Ali2Woo plugin allows you to easily import any AliExpress products directly into your WooCommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. You’ll be able to start your AliExpress dropshipping business as well using affiliate programs (AliExpress Portal or Admitad).

If you need to migrate your store and products from WooImporter or AliDropship to Ali2Woo (AliExpress dropshipping plugin), we will help you to do this.

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Features for automation of your AliExpress dropshipping business

  • Import any products from AliExpress – easily import products from directly into your store.
  • Product variations – offer different variations of your products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, and more.
  • AliExpress shipping methods and shipping price markups – easily load product shipping methods from AliExpress, show them on your website frontend and set your markups if needed
  • Filter AliExpress content – add lists of phrases you need to be replaced or removed completely from content imported from AliExpress
  • Product customization – edit your products as you wish: change titles, descriptions, images, anything!
  • Inventory and price auto-updates – know that your inventory and prices are all the time up-to-the-minute.
  • Built-In Image Editor – edit images before pushing them to your store from AliExpress, and make changes to product images directly from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Fulfill and track orders automatically – have your orders shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks and sync the tracking codes automatically.
  • Pricing automations – create pricing rules, and price your products in bulk.
  • Filter products with ePacket – with the ePacket filter, import only the products with the fastest delivery times.
  • Product reviews – engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews in your site directly from AliExpress.
  • Translate option – import products and reviews in different AliExpress languages (English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Vietnamese)
  • Aliexpress dropshipping business & affiliate marketing – with Ali2Woo (AliExpress dropshipping plugin) You’ll be able to sell products as dropshipper and/or using AliExpress (Admitad) Affiliate Key.
  • Chrome extension – import products at the same time as browsing AliExpress using the free Chrome extension (it’s continuously updated, You’ll be able to download it using this link)
  • Multi-currency pricing – import AliExpress prices in different currencies (USD, RUB, GBP, BRL, CAD, AUD, EUR, INR, UAH, JPY, MXN, IDR, TRY, SEK)
  • Cash-Back system – earn an additional affiliate commission to your main dropshipping source of income using AliExpress Portal or Admitad Network
  • Bulk Orders–reduce your workload by automating bulk orders and fulfil multiple orders with one click.
  • Split Product Variants–split product variants into separate products

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Change Log

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.8.1
*Improved product importing process. Now should work much faster and more stable
*Fix a product reviews loader bug. It occurred when you load reviews for split products
*Fix some bugs with WPML
*Fix shipping calculation bug when you show the AliExpress shipping methods on the website frontend
*Fix out of stock product update bug
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.9
*Fixed a large number of bugs related with recent AliExpress updates

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.7
*Fixed some issues with the order fulfillment process
*Added compatibility with the Chrome extension 0.81 and higher
*Added new phrases to the plugin WPML file
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.7
*Fixed some issues with the order fulfillment process
*Added compatibility with the Chrome extension 0.81 and higher
*Added new phrases to the plugin WPML file
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.6
*Added two modes for the Chrome extension`s order fulfillment: "Automatic payments" and "Place order to Awaiting payment list" 
*Fixed the price updating bug
*Enhanced the variation split feature
*Updated the WPML template file
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.4
*Fixed a shipping method selector
*Fixed an update disable bug

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.3
*Fixed compatibility bug caused by the sprintf function
*Corrected names for some parameters in the plugin settings
*Added a new feature "Automatic payments" in the plugin settings
*Added new status messages for the order fulfillment process

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.7.2
*Added a feature to fulfill orders in bulk using the Chrome extension (require the Chrome extension 0.77 or newer)
*Added a feature to split product variations
*Improved and optimized the product importing process. Now it should work much faster.
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.6.12
*Added an ability to override the templates of the shipping methods and country drop-down selections which are displayed on the cart and checkout pages.
*Fixed two bugs related to the recent AliExpress changes. Now the product description and attributes are imported fine
*Fixed the javascript bug related with the shipping methods and country drop-down selections
*Fixed the code that gets the item specifics from AliExpress 
*Fixed issues with some WPML strings
*Fixed the bug when Ali2Woo shipping method is not applied to the cart total; The bug was related with the latest woocommerce update
*Fixed the issues that occur when the pricing rules are applied to the products in the shop.

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.6.6
*Fixed API Key copy to clipboard feature
*Add API Key autosave
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.6.3 
*App refactoring for WooComerce 3.6
*Fixed a bug with the order fulfillment feature when it can't fulfill Simple type product in some cases
*Added a new feature "Use regular price as base" in Pricing rules settings
*Added a new API Keys section in the plugin settings. Generate the API Key here to connect the Chrome extension to your website.
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.6.1 
*Improved the integration with the "WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking" add-on
*Added a new "Placed Order Status" option
*Moved some options to the new "Order Fulfillment" section
*Added code to change the order status to the "Placed Order Status" automatically when it's placed with the Chrome extension
*Renamed the field "Third name" to "Middle name" 
*Fixed the Chrome extension bug related with adding of multiple external IDs
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.6.0
*Optimized and improved the plugin code
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.5.3
*Added a “Default shipping class” option. It's automatically assigned to all new products imported from AliExpress. It'll no be connected to the ones which are already in the store.
*Fixed a bug related with shipping cost calculation in the Import List
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.5.2
*Added: Built-In Image Editor to edit product images on the Import List page, product Edit page and in the WordPress Media library
*Added a feature to convert the AliExpress order details characters to Latin alphabet (transliteration option in Ali2Woo settings)
*Added a new "Third name field" option in the plugin setting that enables this field on WooCommerce checkout page and allows to use it during an order-fulfillment process on AliExpress.
*Added a shipping cost calculation to the Import List
*Added a feature to add several AliExpress order IDs to the WooCommerce order (because sometimes one WooCommerce order match to several AliExpress ones)
*Added the Profit column to the Import List (Profit = your calculated price - original price on AliExpress - shipping cost)
*Add a "Add all to import list" button on the Search Products page
*Added a feature to move/copy images from product description to the gallery, and vice versa.
*Fixed a review sync bug related with changes on AliExpress side
*Fixed a bug related with reviews cache in WordPress
*Fixed a tracking code bug when it had a value containing space char
*Fixed a bug in Order fulfillment module, sometimes It caused the empty state (region) on AliExpress checkout page
*Fixed a the cart-item title bug, the title appeared twice on the cart and mini-cart pages
*Fixed minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.4.1
*Added: an ability to get the tracking codes from AliExpress order
*Added: a feature to change WooCommerce order status when the appropriate tracking code has been retrieved from AliExpress.
*Optimized the plugin code
*Fixed a large number of bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.3.13
*Added: an ability to set global pricing rules for shipping methods loaded from AliExpress; also it imaginable to disable price rules for specific methods if needed
*Changed: the "Load Review photos" option behavior. If it is unticked, then review's photos are not loaded into WordPress gallery at all.
*Fixed: the compatibility bug with new Woocommerce Order list page (for new WC 3.3)
*Fixed: the integration bug with "WooCommerce Variation Swatches Images" plugin. Now the variation swatches settings will not be reset during AliExpress sync.
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.3.11 (just quick update)
*Fixed: bug with reviews thumbs, now the thumbs are created
*Fixed: bug related to Admitad integration
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.3.8 (just quick update)
*Fixed: bug with "edit review's photo" function and "delete review's photo" function
*Fixed: javascript bug happening on Import List page during product description editing
*Fixed: minor bugs.

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.3.7
*Added: option "Aliexpress Review Load" allowing to import the reviews for products (when you import some product, several reviews will be loaded too); the option "Aliexpress Review Sync" allows automatically sync of products` reviews (the plugin will check for new reviews periodically)
*Added: feature to remove reviews for a specific product; it's available on the product edit page in WooCommerce backend
*Added: supporting of Admitad keys;  it's available in the plugin's settings (account settings tab)
*Improved: algorithm of the script which imports AliExpress products.
*Fixed: price cents bug in the plugin's settings (Pricing rules tab)
*Fixed: bug of showing the shipping methods for non-AliExpress products on Cart and Checkout pages.
*Fixed: bug happening when both options: "Language" and "Translated Reviews" have been set in the plugin's settings.
*Fixed: bug occurring when last review page has been parsed and then the parser stopped to work. Now it continues to check 
the reviews from the 1st page again, because new reviews can be added by AliExpress seller later
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.3.4
*Added: option to remove Shipping Label in Shopping Cart
*Added: feature to split attributes values if the ',' symbol used as a separator in values.
*Added: a feature that put special icon under affiliate products on the Import List page.
*Added: an ability to sort for the products on the Import List page.
*Added: a feature that records deleted product variations and won't restore them during auto-update
*Added: a feature letting to edit or remove the variation attributes for already imported products, it's imaginable to change the names of the variations as well
*Added: global option to make a choice synchronization type for auto-update in the settings.
*Fixed: shipping module bug appearing when WP MULTISITE mode enabled
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress Dropshipping business Version 1.3.0
*Added:  new feature to connect a product to a category on the Import List page. This feature has two actions "Link All products to the category" (mass action) and "Link To category" (action for selected products only). Screenshot:
*Added: a function to check if Woocommerce has been installed. If not, the notification appears.
*Added: a new option "Don't import images from the description" in the plugin's settings.  If it's enabled, then the description images are not imported. You'll be able to overwrite this option on the Import List page for specific products if needed.
*Added: a feature to change the status of imported products ("publish" or "draft") on the Import List page and new option  "Default product status" in the plugin's settings.
*Added: a new option "Prevent product quantity from auto-updating" in the variation tab on the Import List page.
*Added: an ability to change a quantity on the Import List page.
*Added: a new option "Use random stock value" in the plugin's settings.  If you set it up, then the product quantity is calculated as the random number from the range (set in the plugin's settings).
*Added: an ability to search for products in Import List
*Added: shipping module has been re-done from scratch. It follows WooCommerce the shipping extension standards now. Country and shipping drop-down selections have been removed from the product page and added to the cart and checkout page for each cart/order item.
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress dropshipping plugin Version 1.2.1:
*Added:  a new section "A2W Data" in Product Edit page containing Aliexpress product-related information
*Updated: an auto-update feature has been updated and now it's active
*Added: a feature to import external images
*Added: an ability to add "0" value for "Assign Cents" and "Assign compared at cents" in Pricing Rules settings
*Added: a "Phrase filtering" feature in settings letting to replace specific phrases in content imported from Aliexpress (product title, description, attributes, review author, review text, shipping method title). Please note - it's case sensitive! (i.e.: Aliexpress, aliexpress and AliExpress - different words)
*Updated: displaying of Pricing Rules, now prices are shown in currency from settings
*Fixed: some bug on Pricing rules saving
*Fixed: a bug causing some prices which failed to load from Aliexpress
*Fixed: a bug on displaying external images
*Fixed: a bug "review default avatar image not showing" 
*Fixed: minor bugs

Aliexpress Dropship plugin Version 1.1.6:
*Added: navigation menu to import list
*Added: temporary 'update product url' function which is available during synchronization
*Added: A2W_HIDE_KEY_FIELDS constant, if  true, then key fields values will be replaced with '****' in the settings
*Added: A2W_IMPORT_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTE constant, if true, then global attributes will be created during import
*Added: 'Not import description' option in the settings
*Added: 'Default product type' option in the settings
*Changed: now the shipping price shown on the product page takes in account the settled purchase quantity
*Changed: image tab was extended in the Import List
*Updated: AliExpress categories shown in the dropdown on the search page
*Fixed: the sign displaying bug in Pricing Rules page
*Fixed: the shop price recalculation algorithm
*Fixed: phone's fields bug in Order Fulfillment 
*Fixed: bug in the 'build category' function (an old version of WordPress)
*Fixed: bug in the 'review exist' function
*Fixed bug with affiliate links generation
*Fixed: minor bugs

Aliexpress Dropship plugin 1.1.2:
*Added: it's required to input the "Item Purchase Key" and "Envato Personal Token" in the Common settings else plugin doesn't work
*Updated: new review loader module
*Changed: manual review update is imaginable even if the review sync (auto-update) is turned off in the settings
*Changed: turned-off "Aliexpress Review Sync" causes review settings to be applied when manual review update is launched
*Added: "Review Per Product" option in the Review settings
*Added: feature to exclude some shipping methods from the drop-down selection in the frontend
*Added: "Phone code" option to the Common settings (it's used on order fulfillment)
*Added: compatibility with woocommerce 3.0.0 for order fulfillment 
*Fixed: empty state bug at the same time as fulfillment
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress Dropshipping business plugin Version 1.1.0:
*Added: automatic plugin update (require Envato Purchase Key and  Envato Personal Token)
*Added: shipping functional (shipping methods can be displayed on the product page, original AliExpress shipping method name can be changed, the shipping cost is added to the cart item total and cart total and visible on a checkout page and an order page)
*Added: plugin's settings were optimized
*Added: ability to apply Pricing Rules to the Import List or to the existed Woocommerce products
*Added: mass price edit function for variation's price in the Import List
*Added: ability to use external links for product's gallery images
*Added: ability to prevent a product's price from auto-updating
*Fixed: now the Assign Cents feature  is working fine
*Fixed: in some cases the product's description was not saved
*Fixed: App Key and Tracking Key bugs
*Fixed: Order fulfillment bug (in some cases the orders were not fulfilled automatically)
*Fixed: showing of review rating (if you had this bug, please re-import your reviews)
*Fixed: minor bugs

Aliexpress Dropship plugin Version 1.0.3:
*Added: choose which variants of a product to import
*Added: choose which pictures of a product to import
*Added: set the tags  for a product before importing
*Added: automatically clear product description from unnecessary tags before importing
*Added: automatically delete media image when deleting product permanently
*Added: rename product variation in Import List page
*Added: quick tip for each option in the Settings page
*Fixed:  when pushing product to store, it did not push the product into WooCommerce categories selected
*Fixed:  in some cases it didn't import product attributes 
*Fixed: can not use URL or Product search in operative
*Fixed: product price adjusted by a user resets at the same time as importing 
*Fixed: can not add own API or Tracking code
*Fixed: minor bugs

AliExpress Dropshipping business plugin Version 1.0.1:
*Added: order fulfillment feature
*Added: chrome extension setting (Default shipping method, Override phone number, Custom note)
*Added: AliExpress Info pop-up for each order

Aliexpress Dropship plugin  Version 1.0.0
*Initial release

AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce - 1

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