MailWizz – Email Marketing Application

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MailWizz – Email Marketing Application (now at version 1.9.4)

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MailWizz has survey functionality

Mailwizz VPS Install

Mailwizz - Email MArketing Application

Mailwizz - Email Marketing Application

With MailWizz not only that you are going to be able to properly handle email marketing for your own purposes but You’ll also become an Email Service Provider for your customers, since MailWizz integrates easily with payment gateways like Paypal and it offers all the needed tools to create pricing plans, promotional codes and to manage orders and transactions created by your customers.

You’ll send an unlimited number of email campaigns (newsletters) to an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited numbers of subscribers.
If you handle newsletter for multiple websites, You’ll treat those as customers and have unlimited too!

If we made you curious then give it a try and make your business better.


You’ll get improve from our forums at
Please make sure you search through the existing forum posts before creating a new one because most important things have already been discussed. Reading is a must.
When creating a forum post, please keep a positive attitude and be polite.

Server requirements

  • Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
  • Apache Webserver – version 2.x
  • PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 7.0 recommeded for high delivery speed)
  • MySQL(>= 5.1) or MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine.
  • Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)

Important notes

  • We cannot provide general webhosting and/or general PHP improve.
  • We cannot provide general programming or web scalling improve.
  • We cannot help with issues from your own customization.
  • We cannot provide customizations that extended default app features.
  • We do not offer install or setup services.
  • We cannot provide fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment. If your hosting or server environment is different than what is listed in REQUIREMENTS section, you’ll need to decide if it’s going to work before purchasing.
  • We try for fast response times but as described on our improve tab, response time may be longer, depending on our current improve queue. Too many issue/feature questions that do not fall under improve will slow down all response times. Please investigate for yourself thoroughly before contacting us.
  • We don’t offer free improve, if your improve is expired, before asking questions believe renewing it.
  • Before asking questions make sure you did your part and reserched current answers.
  • You can’t get a refund once the item has been downloaded in any circumstances.
  • Read all the product information before making a decision to buy it.
  • We speak english only to our customers, so we expect you speak it decently enough so we will understand each other.

Additional notes

  • While MailWizz works just fine on shared hosting, there might be limitations, thus we suggest using a VPS.
  • Sending via SMTP will require having php’s proc_open and popen functions enabled.
  • Mailwizz is designed to work with php >= 5.2 but actually, do yourself a good and use php >= 7.0
  • The availability of one of the crucial app features depends highly on your PHP version, this is why we recommend using at least PHP 7.0

Additional information


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