Watch Notes

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Watch Notes is an Apple Watch app which allows the user to share notes between iPhone and Apple Watch. User can create notes on the iPhone app and those notes in an instant transferred to the Apple Watch device.


Apple Watch SDK is currently in beta and requires Xcode 6.2 iOS 8.2 beta to run. Apple Watch apps can currently ONLY be tested by means of a simulator since the device isn’t released.

This project is implemented in Apple’s new programming language Swift.

Running Apple Watch Simulator:

Run the application with "Watch Notes" scheme selected. This will run the Watch Notes iPhone application. Once, the simulator is visible following the steps in the iPhone simulator menu to enable the Apple Watch simulator.

Hardware -> External Displays -> Apple Watch 42 mm

Running Watch Notes Application

Make sure you have Xcode 6.2 with iOS 8.2 beta. Open the project and make a choice “Watch Notes” scheme. This will install the app on your iPhone. Once the app is install switch the scheme to “WatchNotes Watch App” and build and run the app again. This will start the Apple Watch simulator. If in case you have not configured the Apple Watch simulator then please read the section above.

On every startup the notes are erased since they’re persisted in memory. If you wish to persist the notes then get rid of the call to the “deleteAllNotes” function.


Apple Watch SDK is still in beta and the API’s can change without notice at some point.

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